How to make the communication signal better in the hotel

As we know there’re many service places, like the reception hall, guest rooms, kitchen, and the dining hall. Because of the complex structure of buildings, it’s very hard to communicate from one site to the other site because the signal of radio is weakened. In order to make the communication signal better in the hotel, Retevis has two solutions for option

1.the more powerful handheld radio to make the communication signal better

If the hotel is many floors, you firstly consider to buying the more powerful handheld radio, like RT1 and RT29, both are analog radio with high power output, you can choose the UHF band with stronger penetrating power. Mostly it’s a very economic solution to expand the communication signal

RT1 link:

RT29 link:

2.Building the repeater to make the communication signal better

When the more powerful handheld radio still can’t solve signal coverage, you need a repeater to work with the handheld radios together to extend the signal. Retevis has an RT97 analog repeater, it’s very economic in all repeaters. Many customers given the feedback RT97 repeater is working great in the hotel

Note items: when you plan to buy the RT97 repeater

1.The frequency: RT97 has UHF and VHF band, you can choose the regular frequency in stock. You also customize own frequency but pls note the frequency offset keep 10mhz or 5mhz is the best

RT97 repeater

2.The length of coaxial able: The coaxial able need enough distance when the external antenna connect the repeater

the coaxial able for repeater

3.The external antennal: it has to build outdoor instead of indoor to transmit out the signal

the antenna for make the communication signal better

The two solutions also can be used for the wide school, warehouse and soon, if you’re interested in the handled radios and repeater, pls feel free to contact us,



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