How to make three walkie talkie talk with each other?

How to three walkie talkie talk with each other?

How to make Retevis H777 ,RT5R and RT22  walkie talkie talk with each other?
The H777,RT5 and RT22 two way redio ,All three are the analog radio. If you need them to talk with each other,pls keep same frequency and CTCSS/DCS in same channel.

Now let us to learn how to set them Step by step.

Preparatory Work:
First of all , you need a two way radio USB Programming Cable(From H777 or RT5R OR RT22), These three radio can use the same write Programming Cable from retevis.
The second, you need to download and install usb driver and software for H777,RT5 and RT22;
USB DRIVER: ; all of them can use the same usb driver;

Software:;Different radio need their own software;

After install the USB driver and software, we need to Connect the PC to the radio;

1.We Programming a frequency in H777 software:( Here’s a blog detail introduction about how to programme H777:
(1)We need to choose the port for your radio: if it is default,you just need to use it; if not, you need to check your pc, which port is connected;

(2)Set test data:
Choos one channel:such as H777 6 Channel; RT5 2 channel; RT22 channel 8;
TX Frequency: 410.62500

H777,RT5R,RT22 With the same step and test date in the radio;

RT-5R FM Radio:

h777 Two way radio

RT22 Walkie Talkie:

(3)Pull Up your radio,then reboot your redio,H777 switch 6 channel, RT5 switch 2 channel, RT22 swith 8 channel,you will find “wow, we can do that, They can talk with each other!”

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