How to memory channel on RT23?

As we know, when we write the frequency and other setting on keyboard, we can communicate on the saving frequency directly, but when we “read from radio”in the software, that “temporary” written frequency is not arised in the software. So we need memory channel.

Some customers prefer radios with LCD display, as they can write the frequency and make some programming on the keyboard directly. We no need always sit in front of the computer, it saved time and more covenient to operation.

Do you know how to memory channel for Retevis RT23?

Step1: In frequency mode, input all required frequency and other setting by hand

Step 2: Press menu key shortly, then press “VFO” key for 2 seconds
We will see the channel no. Flashes after the frequency

Step 3: When a prompt tone is heard, then rotate the channel key, to seleted the channel you want to save to.

Step 4: Press VFO key for 2 seconds, when you heard a prompt tone, it means memory channel is successfully.

Then how to delete this channel?

Step 1: turn off the radio

Step 2: press Menu key, at the same time turn on the radio, there’ll be “DEL” shown on LCD display. Press “menu” to confirm delete. Then the previous saved channel will be deleted.

Here’s relative blog for your reference:

Done! Any questions on RT23 memory channel and delete channel, please feel free to send email to We are always here to support!

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