How to pair RB89 with Bluetooth headset

How to pair RB89 with Bluetooth headset

In recent years, the walkie-talkie industry has further integrated emerging high-tech technologies, and the emergence of Bluetooth walkie-talkies is a major breakthrough. The use of walkie-talkies with Bluetooth headsets can not only free the hands of callers, but also play a role in concealed calls, meeting the needs of users in specific industries

RB89 is one of the Retevis Bluetooth walkie-talkie, so do you know how to pair RB89 with a Bluetooth headset?

First, let’s take a look at the appearance of the RB89 walkie-talkie and Bluetooth headset:

How to pair RB89 with Bluetooth headset-laura-1

Then please follow the steps below to pair:

1/RB89 walkie talkie long press PTT+PF2 to turn On, Bluetooth icon flashes, the walkie-talkie is on Bluetooth pairing mode.

2/Long press the Bluetooth headset for 5 seconds, the red and blue lights will flash alternately to put it into pairing mode.

3/Bluetooth icon of the Walkie Talkie stops flashing and the green icon is always ON to indicate successful pairing.

4/Long press the earpiece for five seconds to turn off.


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