Do you know RT80 how to program ?

RT80 is a DMR  two way radio,it support analog,digital model and mix digital-analog model.It has a display screen to see the specific information of the walkie-talkie more clearly.Some customer think it is more difficult to program than ordinary analog radio.However,RT80 is easy to programming,let’s together explore RT80 how to program.

1.What do you need?RT80 radio,a program cable C9018A,a computer.

2.Please download USB driver and RT80 software from Retevis official website:

3.Please connect your radio with your computer,using a programming cable,you can get it from Retevis official website:

4.When installing,please choose the correct communication port.

5.Turn on the RT80 radio.

6. After install the software,click “Program-Read from Radio”,then you can get all default information. Like this picture:

7.Please click”channel”,you can change channel inforamtion.Such as you can set “RX frequency 421.6350,TX frequency 430.025,Rx CTC and Tx CTC 67.”As is the following picture shows:

8.Then click “Program-Writh to Radio”,then you program successfully.

It is so easy,right?Please try it again,then you will find you mastered it gradually.

If you have other any question,please contact freely.I will always here help you.

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