How to programme RT22?

How to programme RT22?

Retevis RT22 is with extremely thin body, light weight, short antenna. After long time wearing, still no burden on weight at all.

Now let’s go to business, do you know how to programme RT22 when you get a new radio at hand?

Same Retevis radio model no. is with same default settings.
For new RT22, just switch the new radios in same channel, they can communicate directly.

Programme RT22 when you need make some changes:

Step:1 Please download and install RT22 USB driver (USB Universal Driver) in RETEVIS official website
Step 2: You need a programming cable C9018A
Step 3: Connect your RT22 with you PC, using programming cable.
Step 4: Turn on the radio RT22.
Step 5: Now we come to RT22 software interface

Step 6: Choose the correct communication port
(check in computer-device manager)
Step 7: Click” Read from Radio” in “Program” Column
Step 8: Write the date, such as “RX frequency”, “TX frequency” CTC/DCS DEC and CTC/DCS ENC in to the channels

For example:
RX frequency:452.12500
CTC/DCS DEC: 69.30
TX frequency 452.12500
CTC/DCS ENC: 69.30

Finally Step 9: Click “Write to Radio”. Then all datas will be saved to radio.

Need know more about RT22? Please feel feel to write to us, thanks!

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62 thoughts on “How to programme RT22?”

    1. hello, please download the software, and make sure you have the programming cable for RT22, then connect the radio to computer via programming cable, then open the software to read or write, other steps, please check the blog

      1. I bought 6 Walkie Talkies Retevis22 with charging base. Everything I saw was “charge & play”. They are charged, same channel and yet they won’t transmit to each other.
        And if they have to be programmed why the heck don’t you charge more and add the stinking cable?
        I was excepting to use these the day after receiving.

        1. Hi,
          we are so sorry for this, would you please offer your ORDER ID and which platform you ordered?
          then the corresponding sales will contact with you

    2. My church security group purchased 10 Retevis radios about a year ago. I recently purchased two and they will not work with the others. We have the same channel. What can I do? I don’t really want to return them.

      1. hi, would you please tell me your radio’s model? Have you programmed them before?
        If you know how to program, would you please send me your radio’s settings?
        the way to get your radio’s setting:
        1, use the programming cable to connect the radio and computer
        2, open the radio’s software, choose the right port, click read from radio, to get the radio’s setting.
        3, save it as the file.

        then send the file to me, I will check it for you!
        My email:

  1. Joshua Bennett

    Is the model RT22 compatible with model BL22? Even on the same channels i cant get the radios to communicate?

  2. Hello helpdesk,
    can you please let me know if programming RT-22 is possible when using the prog-cable for Baofeng UV-5R ?
    thanks in advance for your answer !



  3. I bought (10) that said they could remote alarm and they did not work with my current set. Then I bought 6 more in the charging pack thinking they might work. They receive the alarm signal from the other radios but they won’t transmit an alarm. I have already programmed them successfully to transmit an alarm and neither alarm functions connect to the other radio. This should work.

    1. Hi,we are so sorry, RT22 don’t have the alarm function.If you want to use the remote alarm function, you can consider the model RT21.

  4. Hi,

    CAVERN is the “Cobb Area Volunteer Emergency Radio Network”, a public safety project from our nonprofit and the local town council. We’d be very pleased to hear your feedback on our nonprofit’s website at “”.

    We’re using Retevis RT22’s as one of our two basic radios (the other is a BTECH GMRS-V1). We have a few volunteers who have learned to program the RT22 and have been very impressed by some of the things we can do with them. Some of our FCC-licensed users have found that they can effectively turn them into 2W GMRS radios, and we can set them up to interoperate with our Repeater.

    If you have a chance to look at our harmless little website, please do let us know what you think! : )

    1. would you please sennd us your website?
      I will check it soon, and if any question, please contact with us.

  5. i need software thats for windows 10 the software down load on web site dont work with windows 10 please send to email below i am in usa thank you keim

  6. charly gonzalez

    hola ! buenas tardes

    reciente mente compramos 10 radios rt22 retevis para un restaurante , quiero poner 5 de ellos en una frecuencia y otros 5 en otra pero que no se escuchen entre ellos y para eso ocuparia el software y aqui en la pagina de retevis no esta disponible me puede hacer el favor de hacermelo llegar
    agradeceria mucho !!

    1. Hi, you can choose 5 radios in channel 1, and other 5 radios in different channels, it will be solve your question.

  7. How come I am able to transmit from the RT22 to different radios but not the other way around? I don’t have windows, so I can’t program them chirp does not work either. What can I do?

    1. sorry, now our software only support the windows, and if you want to transmit RT22 to other radios, just make sure the settings are same!
      And now RT22 is the license-free radio, so the settings will be same as the FRS or PMR446 frequency.

  8. Maurcio Guzman

    hola buenas Tardes hace unos dias compre unos RT22 porque me gustaron pero la frecuencia no funciona con las versiones anteriores como ser el Retevis H-777 ya que compre los RT22 por su tamaño que me encantan, y como hago para que funcionen con el modelo H-777 les agradecere su amable ayuda..

  9. Vincenzo De Luca

    Hello helpdesk,
    my company bought 6 RT22 with prog-cable, on 1 channel we want change the frequency , because we want use them with the Motorola radio we already have, so the problem i am having when i read from the radio i get a password in “R/W Password”, i would like to change the frequency but i cannot, any suggestion why?, wish i can add a screenshot , please let me know, thank you.

    1. Hi, dear, for the password, please have a try to skip that step. And for license-free radio, the frequency can not be changed, please have a try to change the Motorola frequency same. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  10. I love this radio, but I just lost the button below the push to talk button. The one for turning on the light. How would I ever get a replacement button. I thought I had the radio in my coat pocket, but when I took it out the button was missing. Is there any way of getting a part replaced?

  11. We purchase qty6 RT27 Radios and programming cable so that we could have them work with qty 6 RT21 radios, when we open the software and select “read radio” we get error “communication false”
    We have verified in device manager that the “Prolific USB to Serial com3” is working, shows up when radio is plugged in, using software “RT278-22CH”
    Need help, also tried to program the RT21 radios with no luck, get same error “communication false”

  12. Hi, i have 4 pieces RT22 radio’s and your programming software. Serial connection to radio is working fine and i can download settings from radio.

    Problem is i cannot change the frequency fields in your programm, they are greyed out, cannot change any frequency.

    VOX and ctcss i can change. The box of the radio’s is mentioning “Frequency: FRS”

    How can i change the frequencies? Thanks!

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay! I will send you a file about RT22, please have a try.

      1. I have same issue as Michiel from Nov 4, 2020 above.
        “Hi, i have 4 pieces RT22 radio’s and your programming software. Serial connection to radio is working fine and i can download settings from radio.
        Problem is i cannot change the frequency fields in your program, they are greyed out, cannot change any frequency.
        VOX and ctcss I can change. The box of the radio’s is mentioning “Frequency: FRS”
        How can i change the frequencies? Thanks!”

        1. Hi, dear, for license-free radio, the frequency can not be changed, could you please tell us the reason? Thank you so much and have a nice day!

          1. Hi James.
            So the RT22 radios are not programmable?
            How do I know if they are “license-free”?

          2. Hi, dear, the software on the official website can not change the frequency in the software? I will send you a file, please have a try.

  13. Hi James,

    Can you send me this files again as well? The last file you sent me would not extract.

    Im am not using a usb to serial adapter, just straight connection to the pc’s comport, i am sure this comport and cable is working as i can program other radio’s with it as well.

    Just need the correct software to change the license free radio frequencies. (I am a licensed hamradio operator, if needed i can send a copy of my license, see my mail address for callsign)) At the moment i have 4 useless radio’s because i cannot use ham frequencies, when i ordered these radio’s i was under the impression i could change the frequencies using either the Retevis software or Chirp software, but both of them are not working. (Retevis software can read from radio, but not write new frequencies to radio)

    Thank you so much!

  14. Hi James,

    Do you monitor the inbox of At Wednesday the 18th I sent you a reply on the file you sent me. (pd0**
    The file unzips, but won’t install due to a extraction error.

    I received this file two times already but both times the same problem. Tried it on 3 different computers.


  15. I am having the same problem as Jay in that the software will not allow me to change the frequency on any of the channels. Can you send me the software that will work?

  16. I have multiple rt22s radios that are not on same freq as others, I need to be able to write and update the channels, can’t do it with the software you have online. I also have a 777 that needs to talk to the radios and can not write freq to it as well.

  17. I need the software to get all of my radios talking, I don’t see the point in buying a programming cable or the radios if they can’t work together. Very misleading sales on Amazon. I can just return all the radios and charging bases for a refund.

    I manage 6 locations with about 250 radios that I will need refunded.

    rt22 rt22s hs777 rt95 base mobile(that wont even get past the lights turning on) and a few rt1’s


    1. Hi, if you want to let all the walkie talkies talk with each other, you need to program them with the same settings. Like You choose channel1 to talk with others, so you need to make sure your channel 1 settings same as as the other radios.
      So if you want to program them, you need the programming cable.

  18. Hi, my RT22 radios do not connect to the programming software, I select the correct com port but it does not save it and says cannot connect. When I do the same with my RT24 radios, they remember the com port and they connect OK. I am using WIndows 10. Please can you help.

    1. hi, would you please offer your order ID and platform you ordered? then the corresponding sales will contact with you by email.

  19. Michał Starzecki

    Good morning
    I have been using 4 retevis rt622 for 2 years, this year I have bought another two but I cannot program the same frequencies as in previous models from the previous 2 years. A year ago I saved my private frequencies in a .dat file. Currently I cannot open this file. Please help.

  20. hi trying to program my rt22 radios however the rx and tx freq(mhz) are greyed out and unable to change the values

  21. Jackson Barrett

    My RT22 programming software will say “Can’t connect to radio”, and it’s been the case with different radios and two different programming cables. I’ve tried every combination of plugging in and powering on and etc. with no results. Even my USB drivers are up to date. Any assistance?

  22. Johan De La Mota

    Good afternoon
    I have 6 radios RT 22 and recently bought the RT86, I need them to have the same frequency since they do not have it, what can I do?

    1. Hola, he usado el cable para mí RT622 y al escribir con el programa el walkie emite un sonido continuo y los botones no funcionan. ¿Como puedo solucionarlo?

  23. Hola! Al usar el cable de programación y el programa correspondiente con mi RT622, el walkie emite un sonido continuo y los botones no funcionan. ¿Como puedo solucionarlo?

  24. Hello,
    I just bought 40 pieces of RT622 PMR446 radios and I would like to modify the RX frequency range for each chanel to match with my current radios fleet.
    I use the software with the right drivers, I succeed in reading the radio but I can’t write another RX freq (it is blocked).

    Can you help me please ?
    (If no I will have to resend it)

    1. Hi,
      we are so sorry, the model RT622 is a license-free radio, with fixed PMR446 band frequencies, so you can not change the frequencies by the software!
      Here I suggest you contact your seller to check if there is any other version software or not.


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