How to recover waterproof walkie talkie?

Waterproof walkie talkie is essential communication tool, in some water-based activities , like rainy, snowing, sailing, kayaking, fishing and other types of water-based activities. Do you know how to recover the waterproof walkie talkie, if they fall into lake, river or pool?

We arise this questions, because some customers complain that the speaker is not working as normal, after the waterproof walkie talkie pull out from water. But after this article, most of them can recover the waterproof walkie talkie easily and normally.

First, we need know what’s the structure of waterproof walkie talkie.

A waterproof walkie talkie, its outshell, its battery, its earpiece/mic. connectors, all are made with waterproof feature. But there’s only one place, the loud speaker, because it need make sound, it can not be waterproof.

So when walkie talkie submerge into water, the only position that will seep in water, is the loud speaker.

How to recover the waterproof walkie talkie?

If the water proof walkie talkie fall into water by accident. First, we need pull out the walkie talkie immediately.

Second, take out the battery from the battery compartment.

Third, dry the walkie talkie by hand and use clean cloth to wipe the water.

Fourth, use the air blower to dry the walkie talkie, especially the battery compartment, and loud speaker part

Finally, put the walkie talkie, with battery take out, under the sunshine to dry it for a while.

Then the walkie talkie can be used normally.

But please do not keep the walklie talkie inside water long time, this way, it will be difficult to recover it again.

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Best walkie talkie for cycling
Best walkie talkie for cycling

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