RB28 brew/club/bar use

How to use Retevis two way radio RB28 in Breweries?

Do you like craft beer? Do you like to go to craft beer bars for relaxing? Craft beer is different from industrial beer because the beer is made by small clubs, bars, or individuals. So, the tastes are different in different bars. How the Retevis two-way radio is useful in breweries? The RB28 is in the club.


I have visited a brewery/bar in a small city in Midwest America. At the bar, you can easily see a part of the brewing process. How do workers communicate?

Two-way radio! A wonderful communication tool in business!

Retevis RB28 FRS two-way radio is a good choice for small businesses and restaurants. And many functions are suitable for club or bar.

  1. Screen and keypads, you can set the functions on the radio without a PC. The shortcut keys and key combinations can help users adjust the functions according to their needs.
  2. The waiters are difficult to hear the right sound. But the RB28 can help them capture the right sound clearly and quickly. And you can also be paired with headphones to reduce the noise and information confidential.
  3. The battery capacity is 1500mAn, so you can use it for a long time, and it is convenient to charge by a type-C port. So, don’t worry about the power.
  4. VOX function can free your hand, especially with headphones. You can adjust the VOX level to make the function suitable for your using environment to avoid the function is activated by noise.
  5. However, if your VOX function is activated by some voice. Don’t worry, the time-out timer function can limit the call if the call takes too much time. And the busy channel lock function can help your colleagues or leader transmit the important message. Load and clear sound quality. As we know, the club is noisy, the music, tv, talk, and kitchen are all the noisemakers.

So, the brewers can use the two-way radio in the club or bar to communicate with each other and do not worry about the noisy environment, and you won’t miss a message or call. Does it sound good?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that they wear headphones at work, that’s them talking on a walkie-talkie, like this.


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