How to set emergency alarm function on Retevis RT84?

Retevis RT84 is a Broadband walkie talkie, Support UV Double segment, frequency range.

It have DMO ture 2-Slot dual time slot, Digital and analog compatible, smooth over, and it have the Emergency Alarm function.

So what is the Emergency Alarm function of Retevis RT84?

It means in the event of an emergency, you can use this feature to ask your fellow or control for help.

Emergency alarm has the hightest priority, you can alarm whether the walkie talkie is transmitting or receiving.

Now Let’s learn how to set the emergency alarm together.

We will use Retevis RT84 & RT3 as a example.

  1. We need to Preset the Retevis RT84 software:

The same set to RT3.

2.Set you and your partner radio( RT3 ) in group call in Digital Contacts.

Please make sure the call type is group call, Call ID is 1, and the same set with RT3.

3.Set the channel information, such as channel1: The same set to RT3.

4.Set the Digital Emergency System as below: The same set on RT3;

5.Write all date to your radio (RT84 & RT3), Then you can test it.

Turn on your radio, Press RT84 Side Botton1, then you can see RT3 received the Emergency Alarm.

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