How to set Retevis RT50 private call?

RT50 is 10W IP67 DMR UHF radio, frequency range 400-470Mhz.Using TDMA technology, designed with Tier II,AMBE++vocoder, compatible with mototrbo etc. DMR two way radio.IP67 waterproof and dust-proof function allow you use them anywhere without worrying the surrounding environment. Special design with Digital tube character function, easy to observe radio status. Today let’s us learn together how to set Retevis RT50 private call.

What you need to do

1.You need a programming cable C9018A:

2.Download and install RT50 USB driver& software from Retevis official website:

3.Connect RT50 with PC, using C9018A programming cable, then turn on radio

4.Open RT50  software interface

How to set Retevis RT50 private call?

Take RT50 (radio ID 1235) to private call RT82(radio ID 1234) for example

1.Check and write RT50 radio ID 1235

Retevis RT50

2.Set digital contact in RT50

Retevis RT50

It’s very import to set digital contact. We must set the call ID to be the radio ID of our private call parnter, such as RT50 would like to private call RT82,we must set RT82 call ID(1234)

3.Set communication channel information in RT50 software

Frequency: tx fre=tx fre

Color code: 1

Slot: 1

Contact: lee

Retevis RT50

4.Write to radio to save all sets information

5.Same priogramme in RT82 software with RT50

Just need note RT82 contact private call ID should be RT50 radio ID

Retevis RT50

How to activate Retevis RT50 private call?

1.Manual dial

Rebooting RT82 radio–Make activate channel 1—>Menu–Contacts—>Manual Dial—>1235—>Menu—>Call Alert—>Menu to confirm. Then RT50 will receive private call from RT82, so they can talk with each other

2.Call contact directly

Rebooting RT82—>make activate channel 1—>Menu—>Contacts—>Confirm—>Contacts—>jim—>Call Alert—>Menu to confirm. Then RT50 will receive prive call from RT82, then both radios can communicate.

If you have any questions about how to set Retevis RT50 private call, please contact us by email:



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