How to set TOT function of H777S?

H777S is a license-free and stylish radio. it has FRS certification,so it is popular with America. H777S have TOT function,some customer will ask what mean is”TOT”? What role does it have? How can i set this function? Today we will learn what is TOT?And how to set it?

What is “TOT”?

TOT means “time out timer”. When you use a channel of the radio for a long time, the TOT function will prevent your radio transmit a signal, The purpose for the function is prevent excessive damage to the radio.

So how to start up this function,let’s learn together

1. Please download USB universal driver and H777S software from Retevis official website freely:

2. Please ready a programming cable,you can get it in this link:

3. Please connect your radio with the cable to your computer.

4. Please  keep the plug connect radio tight. Attention please,choose the correct communicate port in H777S software, finally, after everything is set, turn on your radio.

5. Then you can see “Time out Timer”,you can select different numerical value according to your needs.As is the following shows:

Have you learn it?If you have any question,please contact freely.We will help you freely!


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