How to use Scan function on Digital radio RT81?

RT81 is our classical digital business two way radios. Today we teach you how to use Scan function on Digital radio RT81 as an example.

First: Install the driver and RT81 software ( new dual time slot version need use software V1.03 version)

When you open your RT81 software you can click the key settings :define it in the key

Second: you need click the Scan and choose the channels you want to scan to the “selected channel”
So other functions like the scan function are set in the same way.
For people who first use digital radios, it is a little hard to get everything clear,and feel much more complicated than analog radios, but if you learn and get familiar with digital radios, you will know it is easy . For this RT81 , many people choose it as its long range, tough quality and waterproof version.

Retevis  is the brand specializing in the design and manufacture of two way radios .We have own R&D team to support customized needs. Certainly, our products are approved by FCC, CE and BSCI.  If you are interested, we will be very happy to send you the product list with a quote.

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