How to use your outdoor radio RT49P?

Do you know how to use your outdoor radio? Retevis recently released a new radio RT49P, no need to pay for the coverage, you can use it free. It has lots of features like NOAA, scan, Monitor, calling ring and etc. These features can be operated by its buttons.

So how to use your outdoor radio? 

1, The buttons on RT49P

2, How to change  channels and sub-codes?

Press the Menu button, the channel number will flash, then press up or down button to choose the channel number you want.

Press the menu button twice, the sub-code number will flash, then press up or down button to  select the code.

3, How to select the Call tones?

There are 20 kinds of call tones for your choice. When press the menu 3 times, and “CA” appears on the screen, then press the up or down button to choose.

4, Dual channel watch

This feature will help you to watch two channels at the same time. Press the Menu 5 times, screen will show 2CH at the left top, you can press up or down button to choose the channel you want to watch, or you can choose off to turn off this function.

5, Keypad Lock

Long press the button Menu, screen will show a key, it means your keypad is locked. Long press again, it will be unlocked.

6, Weather Channel

Long press the Lamp Button, it will enter into the weather mode. You can also select the weather channel number by pressing up or down button.

7, Lamp-Flashlight

Shore press the Lamp button, the lamp will on. Press again,  the lamp will off.

8, SOS lamp

Long press the side key button( orange), the SOS lamp will on with red light.

9, Weather Alert

In weather mode, press the menu button twice, the weather icom will display. Then press up or down button to select on/off.

10, Volume

Press up button to increase the volume, and press down button to decrease the volume.

11, VOX

Press the menu button 4 times, the display will show VOX. You can set the VOX from 0~3.

3means High sensitivity
2means medium sensitivity
1low sensitivity
0turn off VOX


If you use the radio in a quite place, you can choose the low sensitivity.

Above are the most important functions for outdoor radio RT49P. if you have any question about it, you can leave message below or contact us!

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