Hurry! Christmas Sales Up to 75% off

If you didn’t shop during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Christmas sales can help you get those last-minute gifts before the holidays. Promotions I recommend today are just the tip of the iceberg. More Christmas sales are already on our website homepage. Let’s move to quick sales.

H777 Plus PMR Radio

Price: $11.99
You Save: $33.00 (73% off)

H777P Plus is a PMR446 radio which can be used directly out of box. Without complicated operation, your children can also use it on your family trip. It support multiple USB charging; such as PC charging, power bank, car charging, wall charging, etc. Other strength of walkie-talkies: CTCSS/DCS, LED flashlight, VOX, Squelch, TOT, Scan, Moniter, Energy saving, Low battery alert, Voice promot, etc.

Christmas sales-H777 Plus PMR Radio
Christmas sales-H777 Plus PMR Radio

RB26 Type-C Charing GMRS Radio

Price: $15.99
You Save: $29.00 (64% off)

RB26 is very suitable for family and business use. It supports Type-C direct charging, so you can charge this without having to rely on the desktop charger. Except for the basic function like: Monitor, Alarm function, VOX, Scan,TOT, etc, RB26 supports wireless copy function. You can quickly copy settings of all your RB26 radios without the programming software. It will save a lot of time for business.

RB26 Christmas on sale
RB26 Christmas on sale

RB19P Mini GMRS Radio

Price: $21.99
You Save: $66.00 (75% off)

Smaller than iPhone 11 Pro, RB19P was once called a concealed carry version of GMRS by one customer. This ultra-thin GMRS radio can be put in your any pockets. It is a very impressing mini NOAA GMRS radio, since it is able to get a completely repeater capable radio in that small of a form factor!

Christmas sales-RB19P GMRS Radio
Christmas sales-RB19P GMRS Radio

RB27 Long Rang NOAA GMRS Radio

Price: $27.99
You Save: $37.00 (56% off)

RB27 is a Rechargeable 5W GMRS long range radio. Designed for camping and backpacking , RB27 has special points: 1.Auto squelch; 2.NOAA weather alert; 3.LED flashlight; 4.Good battery life; 5.Rechargeable; 6. Dual Watch function. Most walkie talkies do not have these features at the same time, but the GMRS RB27 does.

RB27 Christmas on sale
RB27 Christmas on sale

RT54 UHF DMR Radio

Price: $76.99
You Save: $171.00 (68% off)

RT54 is a DMR radio which can receive and transmit both digital calls and analog calls. It works in the UHF frequency band with high power, so the communication range is further than license-free radios. With removeable speaker cover, its speaker can be easily cleaned if dust and debris drops in it. If you have to use the repeater, the RT54 can also connect to the repeater.

RT54 UHF DMR Radio
RT54 UHF DMR Radio

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