How to install the RT3 & RT8 USB Driver

How to install the RT3 & RT8 USB Driver

When we bought the RT3 & RT8 Radio, and when we want to set up our channel/Frequency. We will found, first we should install one Driver which can recognize our USB programming cable and let the Radio with PC synchronization.


Now let us to learn how to install the RT3 & RT8 USB Driver.

Step1. Download the RT3 & RT8 USB Driver from:
Step2. Connection the programming cable with PC.
Step3. Right click ”My computer”→”Device Manager” → The Port(COM and LPT) 



Step4. Right click “Prolific USB-TO-Serial Comm Port (COM?)” → Open “Update Drive software” → “Browse the computer to find the driver software”
Step5. Find the “RT3 & RT8 USB Driver” → Click “Affirm” is ok.

After above step, then u can connect the Radio with programming cable, and programm at the RT3 or RT8 software.

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  1. None of those drivers work on WINDOWS 11 PRO. Where are the real drivers? URL please not silly broken links to Retevis site that has no software support on it at all.

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