Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie

Introduction of Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie currently has nine models: RT30 /31 /32 /33 /35 /36 /388 /602 /628

The RT35 /36 / 602 are rechargeable radio and have a charger. RT33 / 628 / 388 can be charged, but there is no charger, you need to buy the rechargeable battery; the other 3 RT30 / 31 / 32, are not rechargeable. For batteries we recommend you use Energizer batteries, this brand of battery will be more suitable for our walkie-talkie.

kids walkie talkie function
One-to-one and one-to-more communication function Allow more walkie talkie can communicate on same channel

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie Simple function introduction

1) How to talk

You can talk to each other as long as you are tuned to the same channel and the same CTCSS. You can select the channel and CTSSS you want to set by pressing the menu button and the up and down buttons, then press the PTT/Talk button to confirm. Use the same method to set up another walkie-talkie, set it to the same channel and sub-audio, so you can talk by pressing the PTT button.

2) VOX function

After turning on the VOX function, you don’t need to press PTT to talk directly. Press the menu button until the VOX prompt appears on the screen, then press the up and down keys to select the off or VOX level. The higher the level, the higher the clarity and the more sensitive the received sound.

3) Lock key function

The retevis kids walkie-talkie has a lock function. After setting the channel and CTCSS, you can press and hold the lock button, then lock the keyboard of the walkie-talkie so that the child can’t change the channel. After long press the lock button again, you can unlock and re-use the keyboard.


Range of the kids walkie-talkie

The power of the kids walkie-talkie is 0.5W, and can generally reach a call distance of 800-1000 meters. However, since the range is greatly affected by the environment and battery power, it may have different effects in different environments.


The small size and light weight of Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie is easy to carry and easy to operate, making it ideal for children aged 3 and over.


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