New product introduction:IP67 Waterproof License free walkie talkie RT648

Today we will introduce a new model walkie talkie RT648.

1.Basic Information:

It is the Europe version PMR446 license free business radio, a model corresponding to it is RT48, it is the FRS radio for US.

The net weight is 600g, the size of it is 255*205*60mm.

RT648(RT48) is analog PMR446 two way radio, it have 16 channels, the max power is 0.5w(FRS IS 2W). Maximum call distance can reach 2-4km, It depends on the environment. And RT48 can self programming CTCSS, it support Non-standard CTCSS.

The Program cable for it is the same as HD1, you can check on:

2.Main Features:

  • State of Indicator light
    When Transmitting, red light is on .When receiving ,green light is on.
  • Voice Prompt Selection

When “Voice Prompt Selection” is off, the transceiver will not give voice prompt. When “Voice Prompt Selection” is Chinese, Chinese voice prompt is activated. When “Voice Prompt Selection” is English, English voice prompt is activated.

  • Battery Save Mode
  • Non-standard CTCSS self programming

Non-standard CTCSS can be self programmed by software
Setting up non-standard CTCSS QT signaling on the channel of the radio , it can be from 67.0 CTCSS to 254.1 CTCSS between any set of the QT signaling.

  • Busy Channel Lockout

If BCLO function has been set, then if press PTT button when receiving signal, the transmitting is prohibited, and keep beeping until release PTT button.

  • VOX

You can use programmable software to ON/OFF this function.

3.Common functions:

  • Channel Switch

If the current channel is empty, the radio will have warmming voice.

  • Power switch /Volume control
  • PTT Switch
  • Side Key Definition
  • Squelch level

By adjusting squelch level setting up to turn on or turn off when the radio receives a strong signal , The lower of the squelch level setting ,the larger of opening background noise, and the calling range is farther.

Range in 0-9,when on 0 means the squelch is opening, more higher of level, squelch not easy to open

  • Time-out Timer(TOT)
  • Scan Switch
  • Non-standard CTCSS self programming
  • Battery Save Mode
  • Battery Voltage Prompt
  • Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection

You can choose Wideband(25KHz) or Narrow band(12.50KHz), The default bandwidth is “Wide”。

  •  Frequency Read/Write Encryption

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10 thoughts on “New product introduction:IP67 Waterproof License free walkie talkie RT648”

    1. Hello! sorry for the delay, The pre-programmed frequencies will be changed, could you please tell us your problem? we will do our best to help!

      1. Hello! sorry for that, for license-free radio, the pre-frequency is the same, do you need a codeplug for it?

        1. Hi my radio is ip67 rt648,,
          I have to key k1 to listen I and I would like to have we’re someone transmits and I listen without having to push k1

          1. hi, just make sure all radios are with the same settings. then no matter you transmit or listen on each of them, no need to presS K1

  1. Christopher Garner

    Hello, is it possible to reprogram the frequencies on this model as I would like 1-8 repeated under 9-16 as per the radio’s we use at work and then give them all different CTCSS code’s.

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