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Is farm 2 way radio important for farmers?

Is farm 2 way radio important for farmers? The answer should be different. Someone says the 2 way radio is a good tool on the farm, but someone doesn’t think the opinion. So, here is the topic to discuss what’s a farm radio, and what are their characteristics, and how can they help farmers do well and the solutions to deal with the general problems.

  1. What is a farm radio?

Farm Radio is a kind of business radio, but it is a little different, farmers are working outside with field and earth, so due to the special workplace, the farm radio should be different. Like, RT43 digital UHF handheld radio and RT97 Portable GMRS Repeater Mobile Repeater.

Farm radios

  1. What are the characteristics of farm radios?

Waterproof and dustproof function: farmers can use the radio on a wet or rainy day outdoor, and don’t worry about the dust will damage the device.

Durable and wearable: most farm radios with no display and hard shell, don’t worry about putting it in the truck or farm machinery.

Long-distance radio: If you have a license, you can use the GMRS radios, or UHF and VHF radios. And the GMRS and DMR repeater will help you most to the extent of a longer call distance.

Easy to install: There are two kinds of farm radios that can be used in farming, mobile radios, and handheld radios. You can fix the mobile radios in your farm machinery, and the handheld radios can bring to everywhere. You can also talk to the mobile radios and others.

  1. How can farm radio help farmers do well in their farming life?

The farm radio can work in the field where a weak signal or no signal. This is the most striking difference between a radio and a cell phone. And farm radio is an instant communication tool for users without communication costs. So, if you have many call-ins during your farming time, the farm radio is a cheap but convenient tool for you. And two-way radio is the oldest communication tool around the world. So, the radio is also a kind of feeling, is a childhood memory before the emergence of mobile phones.

Retevis RT1 used in farm

  1. The solutions to deal with the general problems.

However, we have to admit, the two-way radio’s flaws are also significant.

Distance limited: Some farmers said, they have to use their phones in farming because the radio cannot reach the distance, even connect the repeater. Yes, reflection causes the electromagnetic wave to change its path, so the electromagnetic wave will lose in air.

The VHF radio can deal with a part of the question if it is not too far. And the repeater can extend the communication distance too. But you have to install the repeater in the field and make sure your radio can activity your repeater. And the final solution is PoC radio.

PoC radio is like a phone, but it is cheaper than a phone, and you have to work in a signal area. Here are some about the PoC radio, like how to connect your radio, how to use the dispatching center. The PoC radio without the distance is limited, so you can talk to others quickly. And you can build the organization frame on the dispatching center. So, it should be a great way to help farmers work well.

In conclusion, farm radio is changing following the farmers’ needs, we recommend more farm radios and farm solutions to farmers, and we hope we can try our best to help farmers do better. We rely on food, without food, without us, it can not be changed.

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