Retevis Kid walkie talkie Activity

Share videos and pictures to win the free kids walkie talkie


step 1: Video: kid walkie talkie (our models) Applications Scenarios ,kids use the kid walkie talkie video outdoor.not less than 5 minutes.

step 2:Pictures: kid with the walkie talkie,outdoor use the kid walkie talkie’s picture.more than 10 photos.

Step 3: Videos unload to your own youtube channel ,send the link to us. or send the videos to us directly.

pictures send to us by email.



The first prize:10 persons free kid walkie talkie Model: RT35


The second prize: 20 persons USD20 coupon code


The third prize: All the participators.USD10 coupon code



1,Coupon code:Just can be used in Retevis official

2,Coupon code:Just can buy kid walkie talkie in Retevis Official

The prize cannot be repeated.One person only have one chance to win the prize.

The right of final explanation: SHENZHEN RETEVIS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

Our email address :


If any question,please leave us a message or email us :


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