kids walkie talkie basic function

Kids walkie talkie basic function introduction

For the reason of economical price, crystal tone and longer communication range, Retevis toy walkie talkie are selected by many toy stores and OEM toy walkie talkie brand for reselling.
Also there’s some customers choose Retevis toy walkie talkie as gifts to send to kids.So many consumers choose Retevis kids walkie talkie, but some consumer may not very clear kids walkie talkie basic functions in the menu.

We will make a explanation on kids walkie talkie basic functions introduction for your better understanding.

VOX: means hands fee. With VOX function ON, you can transmit your voice without pressing PTT. In this convenient mode, transmission is automatically initiated by speaking into the microphone.

In VOX function, you can press Up or Down button to select voice level ( normally from 1 to 3 or OFF).

CALL RING: There are 10 mode call tones in kid walkie talkie unit. You and other partners can use designed call tone to communicate separately, by different call ring, your friend will know it’s you at the first time. It’s something like cellphone ringback music.

CALL ring
TOT: Time out timer means the unit will automatically stop transmit after 30 sec or 60 sec continuously transmit. TOT function avoid somebody occupy the current channel for long time. It allows other people communicate in time.

ROGER beep: Roger beep means a tone added to the end of the transmitting. It indicates that the user/operator has finished speaking. Because walkie talkie is semi-duplex, when somebody is in transmitting, if you transmitt at his intermission( but actually he is still pressing PTT), this way, you think what you said has transmitted, actually nothing has been transmitted. This is allow some communication message, that’s the reason we set Roger beep. Make sure others has stoped transmitting, then start your conversation.

BEEP TONE: key press tone. If you do not want to hear key pressing tone, you can close this function.

beep tone
DCM: Dual channel monitoring. You can monitor two channels at the same time. It’s something like dual cards in your cellphone.

dual standby
Key lock: In order to avoid currently working channel be changed by accident, you can set Key lock function. This function will not effect pressing PTT for transmitting, also not effect on receiving. But all other buttons can not be use.

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