Kids walkie talkie for family trip

There are many different options walkie talkies for children, do you know how to choose a suitable kids walkie talkie for family trip?

Normally, Children like the walkie talkie with a variety of color options, Retevis RT388 has six colors available. Maybe the boy likes black and blue, the girl likes pink and yellow, and green, So I advise that you should choose a Kids walkie talkie, the first there’re many colors as option


walkie talkie for family trip

The second I advise that you choose an easy operation kids walkie talkie, when the children is playing as they will not consider so much, the one key to talk is very best
Let us think if the walkie talkie is very complex to set before use, most of the children should not like it. Retevis RT30, RT30M, and RB16, these models can make one key communication

There’s a video from the client for reference:

Normally, most of the customers want  the walkie talkie is very easy to use voice-activated, and block out other communications so that private communication between them will not be overheard by other people
Retevis kids walkie talkie can change CTCSS/DCS in case others listen to your communication, so you needn’t worry that

Kids walkie talkie for family trip is raising the funny for outdoor activities, On the one hand, the parents can focus on the position of their children and communication, On the other hand, the children play a role to talk by kids walkie talkie

toy walkie talkie

If you’re interested in learning more about Retevis kids walkie talkie, welcome to look through our website,





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