Kids walkie-talkie: non-rechargeable battery problem

About the kids walkie-talkie, our store has two types of kids walkie-talkies, one is rechargeable and the other is not rechargeable. Today we will focus on the common battery problems of non-rechargeable kids walkie-talkies.


Because the kids walkie-talkie is not rechargeable, you need to buy batteries to make it. Some problems may have arisen at this time.

About the battery fever of the kids walkie-talkie

Dependable range keep communication smoothly

If you are experiencing frequent battery heating problems during use, the possible reason is that the quality of the battery you purchased is not very good. In addition, if you use it for too long, it may cause the battery to heat up. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the battery off when not in use.


The battery can’t be installed and the battery can’t be closed.


When you have bought the battery and found that it can’t be installed on the kids walkie-talkie, when you install the battery, remember to remove the belt carrier behind the walkie-talkie, which increases the convenience of installing the battery. If the installation still does not go in, you may have bought the wrong model and size of the battery. Even if you force the battery installation, the back cover of the battery will not work. When you buy, you can pay attention to our advertisements. We have some suggestions for buying batteries.


The battery is not charged

walkie talkie for kids
Crystal voice and reliable tramsmission

When you can install the battery and find that the kids walkie-talkie is not working properly, it is probably a battery problem. You can check if the positive and negative terminals of the battery are correct. Check if there is any close contact between the battery and the kids walkie-talkie to ensure these two points.



Battery consumption is fast


Regarding the battery’s power consumption, we often encounter feedback from customers. Our suggestion is that you can buy a rechargeable battery, so the use time is relatively long, (energizer batteries) can be used as your reference. The other is to protect the battery. For example, when not in use, keep the child’s intercom machine, protect the walkie-talkie, and extend battery life.


The above is the problem that everyone may have encountered before using it, and I will give you a explanation. Another suggestion is to buy a rechargeable kids walkie-talkie so that you can avoid battery problems!

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