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Kids walkie talkies boot and call problems

Our Kids walkie talkies generally include rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

The following is a description of the problem that the kids walkie-talkie can’t be turned on, and the kids walkie-talkie has no way to talk.


Kids walkie-talkie can’t boot


For rechargeable Kids walkie-talkies, the possible reasons for not being able to turn on the battery, the battery and the kids walkie-talkie are not connected well, and there is no possibility of charging. You can try to check the charging cable ,check the battery is in close contact with the Kids walkie-talkie.


For non-rechargeable Kids walkie-talkies, the reason for not being able to turn on the phone may be:


  1. The battery is not purchased correctly and cannot work with the Kids walkie-talkie.
  2. The battery is not installed correctly.
  3. The battery and the Kidswalkie-talkie are not in close contact.


For the first problem, it is recommended to buy a rechargeable battery, energizer battery can be used as a reference. For the second problem, check the positive and negative terminals of the battery when installing. For the third problem, when installing the battery, try to keep the battery and the Kids walkie-talkie in close contact.

kids walkie talkie battery
Setting the Sensitivity Level
Setting the squelch Level 1-6


kids walkie-talkie can’t talk


As long as the kids walkie-talkie is on the same channel and the same CTCSS, they can talk normally.

The reasons for the possibility of not being able to talk are:


  1. Distance problem, if you can’t talk, let the two kids walkie-talkie get closer and try again, because the kids walkie-talkie is 0.5W, which can reach 800-1000 meters, but it may have different effects in different environments.
  2. If two kids speak at the same time according to the PTT, one party can hear and cannot speak, and the other can say that they cannot listen.


Therefore, when using the kids walkie-talkie, pay attention to the above problems and avoid them as effectively as possible.

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