Knowledge of RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio

RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio, provides you with stable communication without any range restrictions. Furthermore, you should know some basic knowledge below.

  • How long distance does RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio cover?
    There are no restrictions. As far as you have 4G/LTE signal, you will be in touch.
  • Does it work on any country?
    US only, for the moment.
  • Do you supply RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio with a SIM card?
    No. You should buy and insert your own SIM card.
  • Which SIM cards should I buy?
    T-Mobile or AT&T carrier is OK in the US.
  • How much data does RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio require in a month?
    For a regular use, 500 MB data plan will be enough, except some very extreme conditions.
  • Could it record what I said?
    Voice Replay feature could save what you said last time. However, it would cover/replace the last talk soon. Only you could log in your own account to check the contents within one month.
  • Could RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio make private and groups calls to other users?
    Yes, you can make both types of calls.
  • Can I check the GPS location of the users?
    Yes, you can check realtime location of all users and check their tracking too.
  • Can I manage the platform myself?
    Yes, you can manage all users, accordingly to your own needs. You just need to pay us 10$ yearly Subscription fees per radio, per year.
  • When do the subscription fees start?
    It will start counting only when you got your radios and ask us to activate the subscription. Accordingly, if you wanna go on with it next year, you have to pay it us again from the 1st of subscription.
  • Where are your servers located?
    It’s in the USA.
  • I need to cover many sites. Do I need a set of repeaters system?
    No, you don’t need to invest on any network infra-structure at all.
  • Can the users talk between them, if they are in different cities?
    Yes. Any user can talk to others. only if they are all RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radios from and our same Platform Management Console
  • Who can benefit from RETEVIS RT51 PoC Radio?
    Almost all industries, such as Event Management Companies, Security Companies, Construction Companies, Chain Stores, Large Conference Centers, Sports Events, Taxi and logistics companies and Private Users. and anyone else how needs traditional radio communications without range restrictions.

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