Long Range and High Power Two Way Radios

Best Long Range and High Power Two Way Radios Retevis RT86

Today I will recommend you a powerful walkie talkie Retevis RT86. It’s high power so long range. Suitable to use outdoors, like hiking, skiing, riding, huting, camping, etc.

What’s the appearance of Long Range and High Power Two Way Radios Retevis RT86?

It’s elegant, with a invisible display, it can show some basic information such as the channel, battery, etc.

Long range walkie talkie

Retevis RT86

What’s the advantage of  Retevis RT86?

1. RT86 walkie talkie has the characteristics of high power and strong penetration and high gain antenna; it can easily penetrate various obstacles and provide clear long distance instant calls
2. Rugged body design meets military standards and can withstand a drop of 2 meters
3. Built in 2600 mAh battery has large capacity and long standby; continuous use time is 12-18 hours; standby time is more than 260 hours
4. 1.4 inch screen; special green backlit digital; screen display can clearly see the working status of the walkie-talkie
5. 16 Channels for easy using; RT86 comes with 16 memory channels; supports you select different channels to suit your use
6. Wireless clone; you can easily and quickly copy content from one walkie-talkie to another (note that it’s the same model)
7. With flashlight function; emergent situations or dark working environments; emergency alerts can get you timely assistance

functions of Retevis RT86
The long-range walkie-talkie has a high-power design and strong penetration, and a high-gain antenna can extend the communication distance.

Even in forests or mountains with many obstacles, the communication signal is still strong and maintains clear and continuous call quality.

long range radio
Remote alarm makes your communication more safe. When you are in emergency status, you can call your partners for help the first time.

SOS function

With so many practical functions and a good appearance, are you appealing to it? If you are interested in, please feel free to leave message here. Thanks.


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