LOOK! New Retevis RT73 Mini Mobile Radio with GPS

LOOK! New Retevis RT73 Mini Mobile Radio with GPS

For mobile radio fans, Retevis provide you RT95, RT98, RT9000D… Now we have a new member Retevis RT73 Mini Mobile GPS Radio!

Retevis RT73 Dual Band Mobile Radio is on retevis official website. The RT73 gives you the crystal clear, noise-free audio  communications in your vehicle. It provides dual-band support, operating on both 400-480MHz and 136-174MHz . The RT73 offers 4000 channels, 200,000 contacts, built-in GPS, and here are some features.


  1. 200,000+contacts(complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC).
  2. 20000 call groups.
  3. 250 text messages.
  4. 4000-channel (250CH/Zone, 16 zones)
  5. Built-in GPS.
  6. True 2-time slot which allows for 2 talk paths one a frequency.
  7. Dual band, dual display and dual standby.
  8. AMBE vacoder, Crystal sound quality.
  9. Super small size, power up to 20W,be convenient for installation on any devices.
  10. Definable keys to ensure shortcut operation.
LOOK! New Retevis RT73 Mini Mobile Radio with GPS
LOOK! New Retevis RT73 Mini Mobile Radio with GPS


With a Retevis RT73 Mobile radio, you will find it:


The most beautiful, the most weak phone signal, when you driving out, to enjoy the beautiful sights, safety need to be considered. When the phone signal is dead, a mobile radio with GPS will do lot help. And you can learn FM radio when you driving!


When far from crowded people, we need prepare for the emergency, then the mobile radio is a great device for helping. When the car is broke down, someone get injured. Using mobile to make a instant call will get help in time!

3,Cost performance

On your way to the destination, using a phone talking is expensive, use a radio is easy and cheap way. Also, listen some music, news about the transportion, and weather, those will make your journey more enjoyable!


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    1. There is some confusion with that. In the operation manual where it references GPS it reads of position reporting. I’m thinking that must be a form of APRS. I guess it’s a wait and see. I’d like to see a nuisance delete feature for one of the programmable buttons.

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