How to make HD1 radio initialization?

Today, some customers ask HD1 initialized questions, there’s a small way on how to make HD1 radio initialization? let us learn it


Steps 1: press [MENU] + [EXIT] key,then turn on radio into menu interface: “VFO”and “ALL”

HD1 ailunce

Step 2: pls choose “ALL”, then press ‘menu’ into initialization

HD1 retevis

After step 1 and 2 done, all steps finished, Currently HD1 non GPS in stock, HD1 GPS will available around in the end of December, if you’re interest it, pls feel free to contact us by email :

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2 thoughts on “How to make HD1 radio initialization?”

  1. Radio is prompting me to initialize. Keypad seems to be locked. So I’m unable to initialize without a PC…

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