How to make RT6 talk with RT21?

Retevis RT6 is a dual band radio(VHF:136-174MHz, UHF:400-520MHz), Retevis RT21 is single radio (UHF:400-480MHz ), whether they can talk between RT6 and RT21, let us learn how to make RT6 talk with RT21


Step 1: programming RT21 radio

For example: In channel one

RX frequency:462.23750
TX frequency : 462.23750

Detail RT21 programming steps, pls check the link for reference:

Note: you can programme or unprogramme CTC/DCS DEC, you need know, two analog radios can talk under frequency and CTC same

Retevis RT21

Step 2: Programming RT6 radio

You can programme RT6 by hand or in RT6 software

There are two blog on programme RT6 by hand and in softeware as below:

1. How to write RT6 frequency by hand?:

2. How to programme RT6?:

Note: RT6 programming cable difference from RT21: it’s J9114P:

Retevis RT6

Step 3: after step 1 and step 2 done, you could try to talk betweem RT6 and RT21, Check if it’s ok, if can talk, stand for the programming steps is success, if not, pls check the steps again


After learn to programme RT6 with RT21, I believe that you know RT5 and H777, RT23 and RT7 and so on, any programming questions, pls feel free to contact us in any time:

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