upgraded RT5 VS Old RT5

What makes the New Upgraded Black RT5 unique ?

New Upgraded Black RT5 is coming !

Retevis always lays equal emphasis on customers’ opinions and comments of our products .so again we launch a new upgraded radio according to the wishes of customers . Wanna see what makes this New Upgraded Black RT5 unique ?

Black RT5

Upgraded RT5 VS Old RT5

              Color            Power             BatterySupport Car Charger
 New RT5              Black          1w/5w/8w           2500mAh              Yes
 Old  RT5           Red/white               5w           1800mAh               No


For Radio Amateur

> The new RT5 is a good choice as high quanlity and reasonable price with powerful functions for radio amateur .

> And it is legal for use on amateur frequencies . Also it is able to transmit both on Narrowband (12.5kHz) and Wideband (25kHz).

Power Details

> It has 3 Power Levels (1, 5, 8 watt). The actual high power can reach about 7.3W, middle power is about 5W, low power is about 1W . The higher the power is ,the further the signal covers ,so when you don’t have to use the high power , please remember change it to the lower levels to conserve energy .

Battery Details

> The large 2500mAh Battery and it could support car charger for 2.5mm connector .


Black New RT5


FM Broadcast Station

> You can listen to the FM Broadcast radio, while still monitoring your radio frequencies in the background. Any incoming call will be given priority insuring you never miss an important call while listening to the radio.

VOX Function

> VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) functionmakes your hands feel freeand adjust the VOX level could control the background noise.Also the VOX delay time could be adjustedaccording to your needs.


> Scan function helps you seek same frequencies which are talking and join the communication easily and fast .

Appearance Design

> RT5, adopts high-technology and novel design, bringing you a stable, reliable and efficient communications service. It is especially convenient for Staff of Property Management and entertainment. RT5 adopts humanism design, making it smart in shape, advanced in function and flexible in operation.

Black Upgraded RT5


And That’s our new RT5 ,if you have some opinions or advice , please leave a message down there to let us know or find us on FB.

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