What is the meaning of vanity call sign?

The FCC provides vanity call signs for amateur radio clubs and websites. When we visit the Amateur Radio club website, the website domain name is usually for the association from the vanity call sign.

Vanity call signs are different from personal call signs. Applicants are required to hold a valid amateur operator or an authorized site manager. To apply for a vanity call sign for a club, a valid club site license authorization is required. If the license expires, it needs to be renewed.

And here are some general questions about how to apply for the vanity call sign and become the trustee.

How do I get a club station license?

1. Come up with a name for the club.
2. Organize your files.
3. Management.
4. The FCC requirements must be met.
5. Have at least 4 members.
6. The Club administrator shall appoint the license trustee.
7. The Trustee must have an amateur Radio Service operating license.

How can I obtain a vanity call sign for our club station?

First, apply to the Club Radio Call Sign Administrator (CSCSA) for a Club radio license. After the license has been granted, your Club Radio License Trustee may apply for a dummy call sign under the Request list terms for the operator license class held by your trustee.

So, are you a member of a ham club? How many vanity call signs do you know? And do you have a ham radio like RT73 or HD1?

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