Merry Christmas- Share and Win

2018 Christmas and The New year is around the corner, Retevis wishes you Merry Christmas and happy new year!

In this year, Retevis released a series of radios, For example:

1, The NoAA Weather Alert License-free Radio RT41:

2, RT3S-The Dual Band DMR radio, the upgrade of the single-band RT3:

3. RT52: The dual PTT DMR radio:

4, The first POC radio RT51:

5, The model RT84, RT83 and etc.

6, Ailunce HD1 had released versions of firmwares and softwares.

At the end of this year, we Here want to thanks for all your support, we put the prizes for you here.


The first prize: 5 members Win the Ailunce HD1 GPS.

The second prize: 8 members Win the Retevis RT87

The third Prize: Retevis Hat

How to get the prize?

1, Share you and Retevis to Win the first prize.

You can write a brief story on why you choose Retevis.

You can make a short video with Retevis radio: For example, you bought the HD1, you can make a video with the HD1, and say what you like about HD1.

We will collect 5 members from above to get the Free HD1 with GPS version.

2, Share picture about you and Retevis to Win the second prizes.

You can share the together picture with Retevis

For example:

  • You can take together picture with Retevis Radio
  • You can take together picture with Retevis souvenir like Hats.

We will collect 8 members from above to get the Free with Retevis RT87(The IP67 radio)

3, Likes to Win the third prizes.

We will post this blog on our facebook, you can Likes below, we will pick the 6th, 16th, 26th, 36th and … that with the number 6.

Everyone who Likes on 6th,16th,26th,36th….. will Win the Retevis Hat

Please Likes on the original post.



1, Each people only can win one prize.

2, The time from posting time until the 11th, January, 2018.

3, Retevis will cover the shipping cost. The Radio will be shipped by DHL, and The Retevis Hat will be shipped by samll parcel. If the DHL caused the customs duty and others, please covers by winners.

4, The winners will be announced on January 12th, 2018.

5, Share stories, videos, pictures

  • These can be sent by email:
  • Can comments below this facebook post.

If you share by other ways, please let us know or we will think it the invalid sharing.

6, Our facebook:



If any question, please feel free to contact us by email:




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