Mobile radio and handheld radio

Mobile and handheld radio work together

Mobile radio and handheld radio work together in tandem to get you off the trail more gracefully.

No matter how big the tires or robust the four-wheel-drive system is, no vehicle is immune to getting stuck. Even the best off-roader has its limits. When you get stuck. When you get stuck, your co-driver gets out of the car with a handstand to watch and direct, and you can easily get the car on the right path with the handstand in the car. On long off-road trips, Mobile radio and handheld radio will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Moab – Utah Cross Country Tour

Moab is definitely one of the most talked about and well-known off-roading destinations in America. It’s breathtaking and enjoyed by off-roaders , mountain bikers, hikers, and rafters. There is enough terrain for anything from stock 4×4 vehicles to seriously modified off-road rigs.

Moab - Utah
Moab – Utah

This 750-mile odyssey will take you from just north of Arizona’s border with Mexico all the way up to its border with Utah. Along the way, you’ll encounter historic sites, deep sand, Saguaro cacti, and more desert than you can shake the branch of a Ponderosa pine at—you’ll be seeing plenty of those, too. A few hundred miles north of Flagstaff, you’ll hit the Navajo Nation as well as the Colorado River Canyon. Before nesting with the Navajo, remember to pick up a camping and riding permit.

Stories from the Journey

For my first time through Cliffhanger Trail it was very difficult. At one point I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish. Eventually, I was able to complete it slowly with my traveling companion directing me from the front of the car. At first, my partner was “shouting” when he was directing me, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying because of the strong wind. Later, I borrowed a hand radio and communicated with my Mobile radio so that I could proceed normally.

Cliffhanger Trail Moab Utah
Cliffhanger Trail Moab Utah

Journey borrowed and returned home. The first thing I did was to procure this RA85 handheld radio that I now use. and kept it with me on subsequent trips. I found handheld radio very useful for communicating with the Mobile Radio when leaving the campsite on foot. It is also very useful to use the handheld radio to communicate with the Mobile Radio left at the campsite. Once again, Mobile radio and handheld radio work together, that’s the ideal radio usage.

Top tip: It’s always advisable to travel in groups in remote areas. This way, if you break down, you have assistance at hand and can make it to safety via towing or in another member’s vehicle.

In most cases, with careful preparation, off-roading is a whole lot of fun. When done with like-minded friends, it is a blast that takes you on wonderful adventures into the outdoors.

RA87 40W GMRS Mobile Radio and Heavy Duty Radome Antenna Kit
RA87 40W GMRS Mobile Radio and Heavy Duty Radome Antenna Kit

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