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The most in-depth RT29 review from Kansas Preppers

What kind of two-way radio is the most fitted for Preppers? Everyone has their answers and opinions. But if you ask what functions can be used in Prepping, the answer is limited, such as the wide frequency band, emergency alarm, and solid. How does it use in Prepping? Here is a professional and wonderful review.


So how does RT29 work?

The background. the author lives across from a grain elevator. On top of that green elevator are all kinds of antennas for their wireless, communication with their truck drivers, and reaching their other company. And they could not even get satellite TV because of the elevators.

How to do the test? The author’s wife drove in the car, stopped, and talked to the author at 0.5 miles, 1 mile, 1.5 miles, and 2 miles. At 2 miles, the call disappeared, but after she got out of the car, they could hear each other.

The performance. The author said he cannot receive any calls when he used other radios. But they can hear each other at 2 miles. And their call was clear at 0.5 miles, 1 mile, and 1.5 miles. So, it is an impressive radio.

If you are interested in his presentation, you can watch the full RT29 review video below.

So, it is a fantastic review about RT29 VHF IP67 radio. And if you are used in urban or county, the communication distance will be further than 2 miles. And you can connect it to a repeater for a longer communication. And you can also find more RT29 review videos on YouTube in different scenarios such as tactical.

Enjoy your communication and work.

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