MURS RadioRB38V For Professional Fire Protection

The walkie-talkie is absolutely the protagonist in the scenes of fire fighting, construction, film and television shooting, and it is irreplaceable. Professional and timely communication, without the need for a network, makes walkie-talkies a necessity in these scenarios. The new product Retevis MURS RadioRB38V is used for professional fire protection.

Professional and single communication equipment is required in scenes such as fire fighting, construction, and film and television shooting. Fire fighters use the same channel, team communication, internal and external cooperation, and maximum rescue. Fire fighters are not afraid of fire and water for the lives and property of others. They deserve the best life maintenance equipment. The new product Retevis MURS RadioRB38V is used for professional fire protection.

Retevis MURS Radio RB38V is a professional and simple walkie-talkie device. The appearance is exquisite and compact, which will not cause a burden for fire fighters to carry. With 5 channels, the volume is very loud, and it can communicate normally even in a noisy environment. At the same time, we can also plug in headphones, which can make our attention more concentrated and coordinate more perfect.

The 1500 mAh battery guarantees continuous use by firefighters, and it can be charged at any time by USB. RETEVIS is also willing to provide sponsorship services for firefighters. Firefighters are equipped with 4K Camera, which can record on-site situation and facilitate the replay. RB38V communicates at any time to help improve the fire protection business.

If you are a firefighter or have relevant experience, or want to do a review for RB38V, please leave a message in the comment area.

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