RB689 long range bluetooth radio

New arrival! Best RB689 long range radio with bluetooth headset

Long range radio is liked by many customers because of longer cover range. Retevis has not a few long range radio, like RT29, RT81, RT86. But for long range radio with bluetooth headset, RB689 is the first one.

Bluetooth is a feature that many consumers prefer, without earpiece line, you no need worry the line is too long or too short when wear. Or get a mess when the earpiece line hang on to something. It’s very suitable to use in business scenarios, like hotel, restautant, etc. Retevis developed a latest RB689 long range radio with bluetooth headset, that can meet both requirements for long range and bluetooth.

What’s the appearance for RB689 long range radio with bluetooth headset?

long range bluetooth radio

Retevis RB689

What’s the feature for RB689 long radio with bluetooth headset?

1.Bluetooth compatible
2.Built-in LED flashlight
3.LED display can clearly show the current channel and signal strength;
4.2600mAh high battery capacity

How to turn on the bluetooth headset?

Define PF1/PF2 key as Bluetooth switch by programming software (factory default is PF2 key).
Press and hold the PF2 key to hear a “tick” to turn on the Bluetooth function, while the Bluetooth icon appears and flashes on the display.

Press and hold the PF2 key, hear a “tick” to turn off the Bluetooth function.

Note: Bluetooth icon will stop flashing when connected; Bluetooth icon will flash when disconnected.

How to pair bluetooth headset with RB689 two way radio?

Press and hold the on/off button for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode (Bluetooth pairing: red and blue alternating flash refining)

What application usage can RB689 Radio use for?

You can use it for all business/commercial scenarios, like hotel, restaurant, security, shopping mall, etc…

If you have any questions for RB689  , please free free to email to partner@retevis.com.

Retevis welcome new resellers and OEM brand partners, to realize win win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to elsa@retevis.com.

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