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Retevis RT19 FRS/PMR license-free walkie talkie

New arrival! Retevis RT19 FRS/PMR license-free walkie talkie is coming!

What Retevis RT19FRS/PMR license-free walkie talkie looks like?

license-free radio
Small and light, compact, easy one-handed operation

Function Introduction

Squelch Function
TOT(Time-out Timer)
VOX Function
Battery Save Function
Low Battery Prompt
Key lock
Frequency Hopping
Voice Companding

What’s the advantages of Retevis RT19?

1.EU PMR446 license-free frequency. FRS USA license-free frequency No need take license to use.
2.Smart and ultra thin, pocket size, easy to take
3.Durable in cold or hot environment -20-60℃ durable
4.Unique design
5.Short antenna, not easy broken

Package includes:
2 x RT19 Two Way Radio
2 x Battery
2 x Belt Clip
2 x Strap
1 x Micro-USB cable
1 x User manual

Where can you use Retevis RT19?

Family use: parent can keep touch with kids to make kids safer, kids can play games using RT19

Outdoor use: Like camping, hiking, climbing, etc.

There’re other smart Retevis license-free radio, like RT18, RT41,RT27. If you are interested in these license-free radios, please feel free to contact Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Retevis RT19 FRS/PMR license-free walkie talkie”

  1. If I set all 22 channels to frequency hopping will it jump around one those 22 channels when the radio transmits?
    The soft ware shows:
    Hopping 1
    Hopping 2
    Hopping 3
    If channel 4 is set to hoping 1
    Channel 5 is set to hopping 1
    Channel 14 set to hopping 1
    And so on…
    when transmitting does it now use all those channels above?

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