New Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Is Easy To Use

In order to meet the needs of restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, beauty salons, commanders, buildings, etc., RETEVIS has newly developed a Bluetooth rechargeable walkie-talkie. The color is very bright, and the communication function is excellent. Now, let’s take a look at the new Bluetooth charging walkie-talkie.

First, connect the walkie-talkie wirelessly

RetevisRA19/RA619 Bluetooth connection walkie-talkie, you can wear it on your ears to listen at any time. For example, for restaurant waiters, shopping guides, and construction workers, they can perform their duties in their posts on the one hand, and communicate with other departments at any time on the other. Or, receive internal company information.

Secondly, the new Bluetooth charging walkie-talkie is easy to operate

First of all, the walkie-talkie has a keyboard, and the user can make personalized settings at any time. Second, the walkie-talkie has USB charging, so you can use a power bank to charge it even when outdoors. Third, when you need to connect a Bluetooth headset, just operate the menu connection directly.

Third, the license-free walkie-talkie reduces the cost of use by enterprises and individuals

RetevisRA19/RetevisRA619 is a license-free walkie-talkie, available in FRS and PMR versions. This allows companies or individuals to use it without burden. Especially, it is very convenient for companies and individuals who use walkie-talkies for the first time.

Fourth, it has complete functions, high quality and low price

The highlight of the new RetevisRA19/RetevisRA619 Bluetooth rechargeable walkie-talkies is that they are specially equipped with Bluetooth headsets. Moreover, it has full functions, exquisite appearance, and easy to use.

New Bluetooth Charging License-free two way radio

To learn more about the new bluetooth charging walkie talkie, you can click on the link to view it. If you have any questions, please leave a message.

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