New Business License-Free Two-Way Radio Is Coming

The new business license-free two-way radio is here. RT10 is used as a commercial walkie-talkie, but it has been licensed by the FCC and Industry Canada to operate without a license in the frequency range of 902-928MHz. The RT10 radio will free your time from regulatory paperwork and licensing applications and saving radio licensing fees.

RetevisRT10 is a new business license-free two-way radio that is compatible with both digital and analog. Support digital and analog two communication modes to ensure that the original analog products smooth transition to digital products. It can meet different communication needs.


RetevisRT10 has full functions, including VOX, Relay /de-netting, Single call, group call and all call, Scan, Monitor, Encryption, Side key definition, supports remote inhibit function and other applications. RT10 uses advanced AMBE + 2TM voice processing technology to achieve higher sound quality. Prominent functional keys, Programmable button can be used to quickly access call features. Like Call All/Page All, to talk to radios without searching through your channel list. Also, RT10 supports the use of repeaters. The certificate-free, full-featured business two-way radio is really suitable for enterprise use.

If you want to know more about RT10, you can view it on the official website or leave a message in the comment area.

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3 thoughts on “New Business License-Free Two-Way Radio Is Coming”

  1. Victor Balogh

    Will you be running any promotion? Or sample pricing to try the RT10 radio. I understand this is a way different band and the signal propagation is different at 900Mhz. would also like to know what is in supplied kit and if accessory connector supplied?

    1. Thank you. We will consider your opinion. Thank you for your interest in RETEVIS. We also hope that you will pay attention to BLog in time, and we expect to release RT10’s giveaway activities.

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