New! DMR RT3 Digital radio


RETEVIS RT3, REAL 5W, dual-mode, FM analog, DMR compatible digital common standard antenna interface to facilitate a variety of antennas with enthusiasts.
Strong 7.2V 2000mAh lithium battery for RT3, long standby time. good grip, size medium, it is also equipped with a color screen.
As many digital radios of brands have adopted Motorola’s DMR original chip, which also avoids incompatibilities .
Shell quite satisfactory workmanship, material good, matte surface can significantly be felt in the hands.
Body heat sink work well and fairly pure material.
Manufacturers provide two antennas: one is with higher long antenna gain.
DMR is very advanced, it can transmit the signal time slot manner, thereby increasing the frequency bandwidth of conventional analog FM hand sets emission bandwidth reaches 16-25K, but DMR technology allows us to use only 12.5K bandwidth can successfully pass the information we need, we can also access and call without disturbing each other, but also increase the data rate. It can be said in DMR technology into practice, we got four times the frequency of the original resource, not only to save the frequency resources, but also to get a better voice quality.
Communications from the digital mode and analog mode is the same, But for the hand-sets battery has played a good promotion, it is more power, so that a substantial increase endurance hand sets, but need to use when measuring power with instructions to keep the power meter measured to 5 watts, for example, the actual consumption electricity only 1.3 amps, 25 watt transmitter just three amps, that our radio is equipped DMR technology, power saving.
RT3 motherboards work compared to the previous products have a very high increase.
About handmade frequency method, is that, first of all we enter the MENU – Settings – intercom configuration – password – then you can choose to receive and transmit frequency, and generally we write a few more in advance When digital and analog backup frequency backup frequency, such adjustment to the frequency you want to edit, you can use the above method for editing, and conventional analog radio operation is different.
About digital ID display is the call sign or ID, we can not guarantee real-time updates, because every day people join the ranks of large digital communication, has updated daily, so do their daily luxury of the radio ID list is up to date, ID on Like the phone number, and we made the call sign than the name, everyone’s equipment is stored in their own hands this new callsign, but also rely on their own efforts.
Finally, firmware upgrade must be careful. manufacturers will continue to modify BUG, to bring us more surprises.

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