New encryption DMR PMR446 radio RT40 for security communication

The previous RT40 DMR PMR446 radio has been out of stock for a long time. And now, the new RT40 is back to you. And the new RT40 can provide clearer and louder calls for you, and it has some new features than before. Do you want to know the changes to the new RT40 digital radio? Follow the blog and click the link.

Here is the first look at the radio. Simple design and portable for users.

Basic parameters

Frequency range-446.0-446.2MHz


Channels-48 channels in 3 Zones


Earpiece-Kenwood 2Pin



Programming cable-C9018A




Where to use it?

It is used on the racing circuit. The racetrack uses the radio to talk to more people, the communication channel is very crowded and chaotic. So your team can use the RT40 intercom on the field, set the color code and encryption to minimize interference, and protect the privacy of the message. In digital mode, clearer calls can be transmitted and received, making information transfer more accurate. Discount prices are available for bulk purchases. Just contact

For commercial use, DMR PMR446 radios can provide better calls, but no license is required. You don’t need a large budget to enjoy excellent service. The RT40 can also meet the need to upgrade the level of business and service quality.

In short, the RT40 combines the advantages of sound quality and functionality of a digital radio without the need for a license or a high budget. It is the best choice for users to switch from analog to digital mode.

And we also have other DMR radios like RT81 and RB22. If you need a longer communication range or need to talk through a repeater, they are good for you. And you can check the advantages of DMR radios.

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