New Enhancements For RT3,RT8 Software

New Enhancements For RT3,RT8 Software

GOOD NEWS for Retevis fans ! RT3,RT8 SOFTWARE and FIRMWARE VERSION has been enhanced . Pls log in to download.


RT3,RT8 software:

RT3 and RT8 USB driver integrated in the programming cable ,so u needn’t install the USB driver, just directly to install your RT3 , RT8 software. That means our programming cable become stronger ~


RT3 firmware version:

Retevis RT3 software and firmware new version

RT3 Firmware version 2.34 instead of the version 2.32. If you use our RT3 firmware version 2.32 before, u can re-download 2.34 version. So that u can solving following shortcoming !

Please note that programming software for new version is V01.30, hardware version is V01.00 and MCU version is D002.034


1When you unlock the radio, you need to press twice then you will enter into menu function, which is addressed


2 When scanning, we cannot know which frequency or which channel coming with signals, and this upgraded software will solve this issue, please kindly noted that if you want to know which frequency or which channel coming with signals, you should set scan digital/analog hand time more than group/private call hang time: General setting->scan->scan digital/analog hang time=5000ms when default setting for group call hang time is 3000ms and private call hang time is 4000ms, and the more time gap is, the longer the channel or frequency with signals will stay, after allotted staying time, the radio will skip and scan again


3 This upgraded also will be solve the problem that the radio will reboot when scanning


4 This upgraded will add one function to radio that you can choose zone area by sign key assignment in the buttons definitions setting


5 Upgraded the encryption into enhanced one with 128bits


6 Solve the problem that backlight is always on in analog mode


7 Solve the problem that contact list will be wrong when it is more than 500 8 Correct spelling of privite to private


9 Solve the problem that when talkaround is activated via menu, radio cannot talk with Motorola 10 Solve the problem that when you store the contact list more than 600, the radio will reboot


11 Power on message can be defined by customers, there are two lines, 10 digits in maximum for each (General setting-intro screen)


12 Solve the problem of wrong battery indicator during battery drains.


13 Correct spelling of repeatar in Utilities-program radio-repeatar to repeater


14 Solve the wrong display when deleting entry from Missed List. When the last entry is deleted the screen displays:“??? ??? ?”


  • Solve the problem when we program the radio, there will be some data missing.


Press side key 1 and PTT key to turn on the radio, the indicator blinks and open upgraded software

New Enhancements For RT3 RT8 software

And then write upgraded file named Upgraded software for scanning function into radio, the radio will be


upgraded as following:

New Enhancements For RT3 RT8 software

New Enhancements For RT3 RT8 software


Any software info. update we will inform u ,Retevis assure you of our best services at all times !


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5 thoughts on “New Enhancements For RT3,RT8 Software”

  1. Julian Harvey

    RT3 which key is classed as key 1 as manual does not specify, as I have tried update the firmware. I take it that when you press and hold keys 1 & PTT the windows shown above will appear?

    1. What do u mean of the paragraph, could u tell me more details about your question ? Thanks~

  2. link for the programming software for rt3 dont work ? where can I find this sofware ? and firmware upgrade ?

  3. hallo hab mir das gerät gekauft kann aber die software nicht runter laden
    firmware ver
    cp ver :

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