New GMRS Shows: Retevis RB26 With Wireless Copy

New GMRS Shows: Retevis RB26 With Wireless Copy

Retevis RB26 with wireless copy function gives you a better experience.

Except Retevis RT76 and RT76P, we have a new model Retevis RB26.

We have some improvements on it;

Retevis RB26 With Wireless Copy
Retevis RB26 With Wireless Copy

For its size, it is small and easy to hand, the size is just proper for you. And the design of this radio is cooler.

A Powerful Torch Light is equipped for users when the electricity shuts down, they would use it as an emergency light. So you can use this radio outdoor, indoor, or business events. It will fit all your needs.

Also, for its most attractive feature, wireless copy function. If you have a family with many members, then this function is a good helper for you. For most radios, if they want to change the setting of the radio, they need to change the settings one by one. Retevis RB26 is different, with this function, you can copy the settings of one radio to your other radio. It is a bonus for some groups who use radios often.

Also, almost all of us have a TYPE-C charger, so we add a Type-c charger on RB26, so when you do some activities like go hiking, you can charger the radio with a type-c charger, it will bring more convenience.





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3 thoughts on “New GMRS Shows: Retevis RB26 With Wireless Copy”

  1. Has any one done an actual field test?? I would like to see it. A video on you tube rates the RB 26 pretty high.

    We would need 5-6 of them. Communication for hunting., hilly terain.

    Video says it penetrates steel etc better than most. And 3 watts……


    1. I was not able to locate the specifications for the RB26, but Retevis is calling it a GMRS radio. GMRS is not a license free band. GMRS has strange licensing rules that pertain to family members, not businesses. Even though it is legal to use GMRS for business communications, the licensing requirements are more suited for personal. You mentioned hunting and hiking. No problem here, I just wanted to make sure you realize GMRS does require licensing. Retevis is pretty bad to mis represent there products when it comes to licensing.

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