New Retevis RT23 Cross-band Repeater Walkie Talkie

An affordable dual band,dual display, dual standby, dual receiver, dual PTT, Cross-band repeater analog two way radio available today! It is Retevis RT23.

Cross Band Repeater (VHF TO UHF or UHF to VHF)

The new coming RT23 was built by adding UHF/VHF or VHF/UHF Cross-Band Repeater. It supports TX/RX 136MHz–174MHz, 400MHz–470MHz in different countries. Radio always work by UHF to UHF or VHF to VHF, they could not communicate by VHF to UHF or UHF to VHF, However, When set RT23 as a repeater station, it could make UHF frequency communicate with VHF frequency. for example:
RT23 radio A: TX 162.2375MHz, RX 426.2375MHz,
RT23 radio B: TX 162.2375MHz, RX 426.2375MHz,
RT23 radio C: Repeater TX 426.2375MHz, RX 162.2375MHz,
Radio A could communicate with Radio B.

RT23 radio A: TX 162.2375MHz, RX 426.2375MHz,
RT23 radio B: TX 162.2375MHz, RX 426.2375MHz,
RT23 radio C: Repeater TX 162.2375MHz, RX 426.2375MHz,
Radio A/B/C has same TX/ RX frequency. radio A could communicate with Radio B,too.

Dual Receive

Normal radios only have one receive channel, so you could receive only one signal from other radios. It also means you could hear only one person/member calling one time.Retevis RT23 could receive 2 signals in the same time. It means you could hear two people talking in the same time by setting the main receive channel and subreceive channel. The voice of main receive channel is louder than it of the subreceive channel. So you could get enough message from 2 chanels in the same time. And this will save more time for you to analyze the information and make a decsion immediately.

Dual PTT

Normal two way radios only have one PTT button, some of them have dual display and dual standby function, so if you want to talk to the other channel on display, you need set the A/B band first. Then you could talk to the other channel. More powerful RT23 has two PTT buttons. One is the normal PTT button, and you could set the side key as a sub PTT button. This function makes more convenience to communicate with the other channel you need to talk with. First, you program the side key function in the programming software. Second, choose the corresponding display channel for normal PTT button and sub PTT button. Press the A/B band button, the triangle signal displaying channel is controlled by the normal PTT button, and the side key(sub PTT button) controlling the other channel. Nomatter what frequency coming the message, you could press the PTT button and send out the message inmmadiately.

360 degree rotating knob

Do you think this is the channel knob in the middle and the power knob in the left side? Yes, you are right. But the channel knob is also the up/down keys.

rt23-360-degree-rotatingFor Distributor

The RT23 is coming, it is more powerful and more convenience than other analog radios. If you want to be our distributor, please send email to to know more details about it. Thanks!


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8 thoughts on “New Retevis RT23 Cross-band Repeater Walkie Talkie”

    1. Hi,
      Sorry, i am not very understand your meaning. RT23 has three modes, vfo/ch/mr. In VFO MODE, you can write frequency directly. Channel mode and Memory mode can not write.

  1. Please, the radio is fantastic but,
    it’s a dual band / full duplex so why when I’m trasmitting I’m not capable of receive audio on speaker or on the earpiece from the other band ?

    theorically it was possible due the fact the radio is capable of relay from one band to another or vice-versa while is transmitting but if we press ptt the speaker go MUTE ….
    it’s possible to remove this problem ? so to use it as like as a telephone ?
    thanks a lot.

    1. It is a half duplex,not full duplex. it just achieve cross-band repeater function, can make your vhf radio communicate with UHF radio. and RT23 can receiving two signal voice simultaneously. But it cann’t achieve trasmitting with receiving at the same time.

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