New version of RT3S ham radio

The RT3S is one of the popular ham radios. And the discount price on our website is lower than a hundred dollars. So, a lot of hams are willing to have one and share the radio on their social media pages and websites. And they promote the radio in most countries and areas like Turkey, Iceland, the US, CA, the UK, and EU countries. And now, the RT3S has a change for you. That means if you want to order it, your new RT3S radio will be different from others.


The RT3S is a ham radio, so the frequency band is UHF and VHF, but now, there are two versions of this radio, the EU version and the US version.

The EU version still works on the full frequency band on UHF and VHF, but to meet the rules of the FCC, the frequency band of the US version is a narrow band, from 150-160MHz and 450-460MHz. If you need to use a radio in your country that meets legal specifications, the new RT3S can meet that requirement. However, the new US version RT3S cannot talk to your previous radios directly. How to solve this issue? Press the side keys to turn off and turn on your radio to extend the frequency range. Then, you can program the frequency and talk to other radios.


Some new radio operators asked for accessories like a long antenna, spare batteries, mics, and headsets. What kind of ACCs can be used on the RT3S radio?

The programming cable is J9110P, and you can download the USB driver, software, and the latest firmware on our website.

The antenna connector is SMA-J/M, so you can use a long antenna with a male connector. There is a bundle including the RT3S radio with a spare battery, a high-gain antenna, and a programming cable.

The microphone can make communication more convenient. And the connector type is Kenwood 2Pin, so you can use C9001A to work with you. And also, a headset can use in noisy workplaces. The Kenwood 2Pin headset can work on the radio. If you are interested in a noise-reduction headset, you can try C9235A.

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