NR10 Licence-Free Noise Reduction Two Way Radio

Many customers ask us to make a radios which can use under noisy environment.  Now NR10 Licence-Free Noise Reduction Two Way Radio comes out.  It has noise reduction function comparing to common license free two way radios.

Here is a look at NR10:


Middle size, compact design, 1200mah battery, thanks to the AI NC chip, it reproduces exceptional audio than any other two-way radio, even using this radio sitting in the Factory, shopping mall, KTV noisy working environment.

Have a look at the key functions:


Now comes the biggest advantage: how to use the Noise reduction function?

Noise reduction/VOX key
Short press to turn on/off the noise reduction function, off/on voice prompt.  Long press to turn on/off the VOX function. VOX off/on voice prompt
When noise reduction is turned on, only human voices can be recognized, and information other than human voices is filtered out.

So you can see NR10 is also very convenient to open the VOX function. And we have also tested that NR10 talking range is around 2500m and also can hear clearly.  The NR10 Licence-Free Noise Reduction Two Way Radio will be a best choice for you among license free radios.



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