H777 scan function

How to Open H777 Scan Function ?

Many Retevis customer bought H777 , want to know how to open H777 scan function. Easy steps ~

Before open H777 scan function:

1.You have to get one programming cable in hand.

2.Pls log in , https://www.retevis.com/programming_software to download ”USB driver and H777 programming software”

First, Install our “USB driver” version, which support WINDOWS 7/8/XP,not MAC,ipad system. Then install our “programming software”.

3.Pls connect your radio with the cable to your pc.

First, Make sure you got the right cable. second, pls keep the plug connect radio tight. Finally, after everything is set, turn on your radio.

Start to open the H777 scan function :

After u download the H777 software , u can see the pic as belows,

How to open H777 scan function125

Change the Scan Add “NO” to “YES” , pls remember , choose at least 2 channels ,Such as, change 10 channel for “YES”

How to open H777 scan function243

How to open H777 scan function245

Write the frequency

How to open H777 scan function267

How to open H777 scan function269

How to open H777 scan function272

And then unplug your walkie talkie , turn your walkie talkie channel to 16 channel , button “PTT”and ”MONI” at the same. U will hear “ON” or “OFF” ,”ON” means open the scan function, “OFF” means close the scan function. When u hear “ON”, U need to wait 5 seconds, LED shows green light ,it shows scanning the channel and open the scan function.

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6 thoughts on “How to Open H777 Scan Function ?”

  1. Okay I was able to setup our walkies to scan channel one. But it only works if you are on Chanel two. If you change to Chanel 3-16 it doesn’t work. Any help would be amazing!

    1. Hello Arron;
      1,add scan function to the channel you want to scan,and setup the side key Monitor function. also √ before the scan function
      2,set all the channel with out CTCSS/DCS.(If you add CTCSS, the scan won’t work)
      3,turn off the radio, turn to 16 channel, then held the monitor button & PTT button, turn on the radio. you will hear “on” “power on” then it will begin to scan.and the light will be flash yellow,
      4,when scan to the frequency someone talking, you could hear it and talk to him. if stop talking , after 5 seconds, then H777 will go on scanning.

  2. Will Russell

    The software I downloaded and installed for the H777 looks nothing like the pictures shown above. Where is the software download for those pictures?

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