Outdoor Long Range Two Way Radios/GMRS Radios

Outdoor Long range two way radios from Retevis.

Staying in touch with others for outdoor adventure is essential. We usually go out no matter for hiking, camping, cycling or anything else, we are always with our family/team. Sometimes we use the cellphone, but as we know, cell phone signals are very weak, especially in remote areas. So lots of adventurers choose the Two-way Radios as their communication Tools.

But there are lots of  kinds Two-way radios, like License-free radios, GMRS radios, Mobile radios  and others, so How to choose the right and long-range radios?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing long range two way radios. Therefore, we listed the important factors to help you to make right choice.

Several factors to consider before ordering

1, License-free or Licensed?

To make sure if you need the license-free or licensed, first you need to make sure your requires.

If you only need the radio with the range about 1-3km, then you can consider the License-free. But if you need your radio with the range about 2-5km, you can consider the licensed one.

But please note, all the two way radios’ range are affected by the surrounding environment. So please confirm where you will use it.

For licensed radio, some radios are for hams, so you need to pass the exam first. And some licensed should be applied for by local Telecommunications. For example, US people who want to get the GMRS license should apply to FCC.

2, Battery Life

Battery power is an important factor, not only for range but also for signal strength, audio quality. So before going out, make sure your radio with the full power. If go out camping for several days, consider to bring the extra-strength battery.

Also before purchasing, consider the high capacity and long standby battery.

3, Radio’s Power

Radio’s power is also an important factor, it will affect the radio’s range.

But if you choose the license-free radio, there is a limit on power. For PMR446 band license-free radio, the power is less than 0.5w. and for FRS band license-free radio, the power is less than 2w.

If you really need long range radios, but don’t have license, you can consider the GMRS band radio. If you get the GMRS license, any family member, regardless of again, can operate GMRS radios within the licensed system.

4, Others

These factors will not affect the radio’s range, but for outdoor adventure, you should consider.

Waterproof, Floating, Emergency Alarm, Flashlight, NOAA weather Channel, Size,Weight, Screen, and so on.


Suggested long range licensed radios

ModelFeaturesPictureWhere to Buy
RB17A1,High power

2, Local and Remote Alarm Function

3, GMRS band

RT76P1, With Screen

2, GMRS band

3, Long range

4, NOAA and FM

RB261,Classic Color

2, Powerful Flashlight

3, Light

4, GMRS band

RA251, High power with 20w

2, GMRS band

3, Long range


If you need the license-free radio for long range outdoor, you can check our blog:  Retevis Two way Radios for Family

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