Retevis RT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie Review

A pair of professional outdoor waterproof walkie-talkies, wearing green coats, with the function of falling into the water, are here.

RetevisRT49P is a walkie-talkie specially designed for outdoor use, with bright colors and easy to carry. And high performance.

New producr RT49P

    Flashes and floats when falling into the water
When the RT49P falls into the water, the flash will immediately turn on and float on the surface to prevent water from entering. In addition, this walkie-talkie has three layers of protection for the battery through its appearance design to further enhance the waterproof performance.

    11 NOAA weather forecast channels
Real-time weather forecasting, weather information reception, and a sensitive one-key alarm function to ensure outdoor travel safety.

    Compatible with any radios
There is no restriction on brand and model. As long as the channel and color code of the two-way radio are the same, the two two-way radios can communicate instantly.

In addition, RT49P can support scanning, monitoring, voice control, alarm, keyboard lock, Call Tone, low power prompt, low power forbidden and other functions, full and powerful. This outdoor waterproof walkie talkies is really worth having.

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2 thoughts on “Retevis RT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie Review”

  1. Jennifer Berkowitz

    These are fantastic . Disney is our go to vacation spot and these would be such a time saver. When trying to locate the rest of the family in a sea of.ppl .. this would help find them right away and who hoo water resistant. Perfect for those Florida showers and even better for water rides .. i would LOVE a set

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