Own NOAA, what brand do you think of?

     Attention: The new product RA15 is doing giveaway activities. You deserve to have a walkie-talkie that own NOAA function.

    RetevisRA15 creatively designed and manufactured NOAA functions to improve the performance requirements of walkie-talkies and adapt to consumption upgrade needs. It is a perfect walkie-talkie suitable for outdoor use by American children.

Walkie-talkie that can broadcast the weather

    RA15 has 22 channels in total, 10 channels can use NOAA. This is of great benefit to children’s outdoor communication. First of all, keeping abreast of the weather in time is very important for the response to outdoor itinerary planning, and planning the outdoor adventure time reasonably; second, giving timely greetings to friends. According to the NOAA function reminder, children can communicate in time, provide weather information for their companions, reflect the care between friends, and increase friendship; third, for children who love role-playing, it adds a lot of fun. Own NOAA function allows children to plan their roles and increase the kinetic energy of the scene.

  Own NOAA function, the functional design, not only represents the leading level of the entire industry, but also shows Retevis’s continuous pursuit of technological innovation and the”craftsman” spirit of employees for excellence.

    Customers’ attempts at RA15’s new features also reflect an open and inclusive mentality.

    If you have any questions, you can click:https://www.retevis.com/, or leave a message in Blog. At the same time, you are welcome to pay attention to RetevisToys and Retevis.

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