Portable FRS Home Two-way radios RT49B

Portable FRS Home Two-way radios RT49B, the new model from Retevis.

The simple, compact and easy-to-use by the entire family. Retevis RT49B is the perfect way to stay in touch when out. Whether at the playground, hiking in the park or enjoying a picnic or camping.

This colorful two-way radio has a range of up to 3miles and features 22 channels, providing your with just what you need to instantly reach your family and firends, and know they’re safe.

Portable FRS Home Two-way radios RT49B Features

1, 22 Channels. Compatible receives communication from all FRS/GMRS TWO-WAY RADIOS

2, Up to 18 hours with 3*AAABatteries. Also can be charged. (2packs with 6 AAA batteries)

3, Offer the different Call Tone.

4, Flashlight function, built-in LED light which offers emergency lighting when needed.

5, Scan function and monitor function.

6, Dual standby dual watch function.

7, VOX function, make your hands-free when out.

8, NOAA Weather Channels and Alerts

How RT49B help your family?

1, Easy to use by the entire family. This RT49B is the FRS band radio, no need license, can be used for whole family, no matter adult or kids.

2, FRS band can help you to make indoor and outdoor communication for whole family. Not like the high power radio, this RT49B with the FRS and less than 2W power, make your whole family for short or long trips.

3, NOAA Weather Channels and Alerts. Turn on the weather channel, it will keep updating with real-time weather conditions. Prepared for the unexpected.

4, Built-in LED light: gives you peace-of-mind during evening adventures, unexpected emergencies or power outages.

5, VOX, When hiking up a steep mountain trail, keep your hands free to brace the rocky terrian.

6, Perfect for family home activities. Take a pair of RT49B radios on your next camping trip, hiking trip or even to your backyard or nearby part.


You will get when order

The standard package comes with:

  • 2 pcs Red FRS home family two-way radios
  • 6pcs battery
  • 2-in-1 USB charging cable
  • 2 pcs belt clips
  • 1 manual


Any question about Portable FRS Home Two-way radios RT49B, please leave message below or contact us on facebook: www.facebook.com/retevisoutdoor

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